Autism & the Imaginative Media World

Breaking the Design Rules

There is a name for me

A name that represents what I can and I cannot do

A name with statistics based on my age, my range of being

There are different versions, different levels of it.

But I am more than the name

To support my development, to keep learning, to keep going,

People are breaking the design rules

They’re saying, “if we can design more interactive experiences, we can learn from these experiences ourselves”

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 9.05.11 PM


Another perspective

Another vision

Another strategy

We’re breaking the rules by being the game changers

To tell our story in ways we couldn’t before

With the help of art, of media, of creativity

We help design our own spaces


To break the rules, to break the borders…


This project entails the beginnings of a research between autism and the interactive design perspective. Taken from interviews of an array of people who’ve worked on and are open in new ways to help build and connect individuals with autism to the world.


How do you associate design with autism? Is it just another form of study or collaboration?


In your experience working with this subject and these individuals, what do you think are some of the ways that can help us interact and collaborate more efficiently with people on the autism spectrum?


Based on your own sensory needs, which sense are YOU most sensitive to?

-What do you think is a good tool to help ease that?


Design and technology are taking a toll in this world and you can see it integrating into the Autism study. How do you think it relates to how we see Autism? Do perspectives/stigmas change?


Many people are experimenting and creating interactive design spaces, are these kinds of studios/ projects the future of understanding autism and people on the spectrum?


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