SoundWalk LA

skidrow1The concept of being able to record an audio of a derive is a difficult but reachable process. Audiovisual Ethnography is a very unique and impactful way to help one view a surrounding from a different perspective. Both Paquette and McCartney describe their soundwalks to be educational and artistic. I immediately felt nostalgic all the way back to grade school when our teachers would give us audio from the Amazon jungles to listen all the bird in their natural habitat.

I agree on the concept of sound walks being both educational and artistic. From my personal experience of listening to someone’s derive sound walk from another part of the world I would probably never go in my life time, allowed me to expand my knowledge educationally and imagination artistically. I believe we have all experienced listening to a sound walk but when asked to conduct one we become a little bit confused on the concept. I think that is where we mess up. Planning the sound walk so critically doesn’t allow the sound walk to be authentic and impactful.


Currently I am in Los Angeles as I write this response about sound walks. I am not to sure if everyone is familiar with LA but, there is one particular strip called Skid Row where majority of homeless drug addicts live. This was my first time in California and walking down this road was an experience in my life I would never forget. Pink states in her essay how sound walks are meant  “to invite us to imagine ourselves into other people’s worlds, and in doing so to empathize with their emplacement—both physical and emotional.”


From my experience on Skid Row, I feel a sound walk would have really highlighted the trial the tribulations these individuals go through. Every corner you hear people begging for money, crying their hardships out or even people talking to themselves in delusion due to drug usage. A picture would probably display the poverty in a great amount but I feel the sound walk would share the hurt and pain.  


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